Gather around the table and experience flavors you've never met before

When you choose Gourmanity, you choose the taste of heart and soul. Crafted with care and infused with passion, our artisanal ingredients enhance every dish.


Who are we?

A team of passionate foodies
who care about the quality
of every product.

(AKA, we’re a gang of total food nerds.)

  • Over one hundred products sourced from the location they grow best.

  • Thousands of 5* reviews as a result of our many satisfied customers.

  • Many countries visited, to bring global flavor to your door.

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    It all begins with our research department.
    They assess the optimum sourcing location for
    every ingredient - so your food tastes its best.

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    Then we begin our search for a supplier.
    But not just any supplier, a family-owned, soul-
    invested supplier who is intimately connected
    to their craft.

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    Next we give your favorite products a fresh
    look and easy-to-use package.

    So you can enjoy their ease, convenience and
    aesthetic in your very own kitchen.

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    Finally we send it over to your door.
    Produced and packaged with deep care, we’ll stand
    behind every Gourmanity product and make sure
    it’s 100% to your satisfaction.

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Modern flavor, ancient tradition. It’s the best of both worlds.

And our hundreds of thousands of customers agree.

"Wonderful flavor and consistency. This has been a wonderful way to lower my coffee intake and still feel satisfied. Yum!"

“Adds a beautiful subtle
quality I don’t find
with other salts.”

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