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Gourmanity Colombo Mustard 7oz

  • SPECIALTY MUSTARD: Gourmanity’s Colombo mustard is a unique twist on the classic Dijon. The pale yellow Dijon is infused with the hot and fresh Colombo curry-like spice blend for an exotic color and complex flavor.
  • AUTHENTIC FRENCH MUSTARD SINCE 1632: Manufactured in the city of Meaux, France, for hundreds of years, this artisan mustard is still produced using the same secret recipe that has been passed down in the family for generations.
  • SAVOR THE FLAVOR: Shake it up in marinades, vinaigrettes and sauces, add a kick to any sandwich, or baste over fish and meats. However you choose to use it, this exotic mustard will add a depth of flavor to your food - and you won’t leave it out again.
  • TRY THEM ALL: Try Gourmanity’s other specialty mustards: Gourmanity Dijon mustard and Gourmanity Old Style (whole grain) mustard, or order our mustard assortment multipack to experience the full repertoire.
  • GOURMANITY: Committed to sharing authentic, tradition-rich ingredients that are a pride to their heritage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Yummy tangy mustard

This mustard is great in so many things. I like it on sandwiches, anything from ham, roast beef, turkey etc. It's great for potato salad to give it a little zing. I throw a blob in vinaigrettes top. It's got a great zing from the wine and lots of mustard flavor.

Box Man
Fancy french mustard

I keep trying different mustards, because most people I know love it and I have always hated it. This so far is the one I can most tolerate, which makes sense, since it is the only fancy french mustard I have tried and I am use to normal french mustard. If you like mustard, particularly french mustard, I think you will absolutely love this.

Pretty good, but just short of expectations.

This review is for: Gourmanity 7.05oz200g Colombo Mustard, French Gourmet Mustard, Artisan Mustard for the discerning palateThis has an interesting taste for mustard. There is some seasoning or flavor that makes it different than yellow mustard. I guess it's the Colombo seasoning that's listed in the ingredients, but it doesn't bother to say what that is exactly. Not a huge fan of Colombo seasoning, I guess.Will stick with the mustards I know. This mustard isn't bad, but it's definitely not for everyone.Nice glass jar and nice presentation.Hope this was helpful.

C. Littlefield

It's alright but a little yellow and watery. There is a hint of curry. To be honest, I think the size of the jar is not worth it for the flavor. There are some nicer gourmet mustards out there at your local grocer's.

Great for mixing and sauces.

I used this in a glazecompote for a smoked ham and as a wellington binder and it performed well both times. Highly recommend.