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Gourmanity Dehydrated Mixed Vegetables 1lb

FRESH WHEN YOU NEED THEM: Perfect combo for soup, stew, sauce, stuffing, ramen, pasta, casserole and more.
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  • FRESH WHEN YOU NEED THEM: Perfect combo for soup, stew, sauce, stuffing, ramen, pasta, casserole and more.
  • WHEN WE SAY VEGETABLES, WE MEAN VEGETABLES: Premium mix, all natural, no stems, roots or other weight tricks.
  • WELL-ROUNDED FLAVOR: Contains bell pepper, onion, carrot, celery, tomato and cabbage for robust taste.
  • TO REHYDRATE: Combine 1 part vegetables to 2 parts water. Simmer for 10-15 minutes or soak in cold water until peppers reconstitute.
  • PURE WITH RIGOROUS STANDARDS: Our vegetable mix is certified gluten free, allergen free, and kosher.
  • WEIGHT: 1lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Sharon A.
Not Acceptable

I like the flavor and, unlike some other reviews, enjoy the sweetness of the carrots. I use this, along with cooked barley, in a vegetable broth I have seasoned with soy sauce and hoisin. I am extremely disappointed in the large quantity of pieces that are too tough to chew, hard on my teeth, and difficult to remove from your mouth while eating soup. Many look like they may have been celery but others maybe cabbage? If it's not edible, please don't put it in your mix. I would never buy this brand again. I think they are using parts of some vegetables that they know will not become edible, or they have very poor quality control.

Excellent with ramen totally addictive

I bought this to add to ramen, to make myself feel like I'm eating something with nutritional value. I'm not sure how much it adds in that way, but it does add a lot of flavor texture. I could eat it daily. There are a LOT of carrot bits, so far as the percentage of this that, but I like carrots so it doesn't bother me enough to keep me from enjoying it.(I will recommend, if you're adding to this to ramen, to cook the noodles first then add the dried veg to the hot noodles broth to rehydrate otherwise, the veg will suck up too much of the liquid that the noodles need. I did a fair amount of experimenting there.)

Rosemary C.
So flavorful!

Love this product! I add to Basmati rice..will buy again!

S and B's Mom
Best ever! So fresh and easy to use. Definitely recommend this.

Just love these, will definitely keep buying them. I love to add these to just about anything, rice, noodles, ground meats (chicken, turkey, hamburger, etc) when using for just about any recipe. Also great to add to the prepackaged and instant foods (and of course homemade) soups, and those helper packaged meals. I am really impressed with how there is just a few types of vegetables in this mix, not alot of others added that I really don't want or need in there, and also nothing else added except the vegetables. I was using the local grocery store bulk soup mix, but there was very little veggies in it, and tons of dried parsley. This is all vegetables without being overpowered with other things. Definitely try these, it's also a great way to add a bit of color and nutrition to kids meals!

So convenient and delicious!

We bought these dehydrated veggies so that we could add them to Ramen, but they were sooo good, we ended up adding them to other soups. They are so convenient and taste great. Its easy to tell the veggies were fresh when they were dehydrated. Also, the pieces are perfectly sized to add to soup. Thanks for making a great quality product.