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Gourmanity Organic Roasted Chestnuts Pouches 3.5oz

  • DIG IN: Rich and meaty with a touch of sweetness, these are ready to eat and perfect for cooking, baking, or just popping for a soul-satisfying treat.
  • HEALTHY SNACK: Peeled, roasted, and organic; an easy, guilt-free indulgence of the highest quality.
  • ENRICH YOUR DISHES: Take your cooking up a notch by adding some of these delicious chestnuts to your soups, salads, meats and even to desserts.
  • PRODUCED BY THE PROFESSIONALS: Gourmanity chestnuts made in Ardeche, France, envy of the chestnut world.
  • GOURMANITY SEAL: Committed to sharing authentic, tradition-rich foods that are a pride to their heritage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Won't buy again

Nothing like fresh roasted. Weird color and smell.

Napoleon Ferrer
Tasty product.

LIKE Very tasty, moist chestnuts. However, I made a mistake of emptying all 3 packages in 1 plastic jar for convenience placed them inside the fridge. Bad move, 1 week passed half of them got molded. It's best to open just one bag at a time. I guess the original sealed tight packaging keeps the nuts fresh longer.

Jennifer BJennifer B
Tasty chestnuts in small sealed package

Satisfying little bites of organic goodness. I love chestnutsthese a little bit dry and not as sweet as some, but handy too if a bit expensive

Robert E.
Hard to find, but Mommas stuffing wouldnt be the same!

These were tasty and easy to add to stuffing without falling apart!Momma always had chestnuts in her stuffing. I remember her boiling them, and I was the peeler. I used to buy, boil, and peel them. Ugh!Once I found I could buy them ready to use, it was a dream come true!

First Time Trying Roasted Chestnuts

Product: Gourmanity 3.5 oz Organic Roasted Chestnut Pouches From Ardeche, FranceThis was my first time trying roasted chestnuts. Its not food common to my area, but Ive always wondered about them. I like nuts in general, particularly roasted nuts. These were not what I expected, but thats what can happen when you try something new and I do like trying new things.The closest I can think of that these remind of are boiled peanuts as far as consistency. Boiled peanuts are something that I am familiar with, but these are a bit softer than the peanuts. It just wasnt a texture I was expecting from a roasted nut. On the other hand, if roasted nuts are hard for you to chew, this might be something to try.Their shelf life isnt as long as what you see with nuts, as they tend to last forever. These are only good for 5 days after opening the bag and must be refrigerated, something to keep in mind when using them. Evidently they can mold if not stored properly. The expiration date for my unopened bag was good for almost 2 years.I liked these just okay, but that is purely a personal taste thing. They didnt have as much flavor as I personally would have liked. However, another person in the house really enjoyed them. I cant say how these compare to other roasted chestnuts, since it was my first time trying them.