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Gourmanity Select Lavender Flowers 4oz

DRIED LAVENDER FLOWERS: A 4-ounce resealable bag of French dried lavender buds. Whether for lavender lattes, lavender bread, or lavender soap, you’ll enjoy the color, smell and taste of these natural dried lavender flowers.
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  • QUALITY DRIED LAVENDER BUDS: From deep in the lavender fields of Provence, France, 80 years of expertise have gone into growing, harvesting & drying these premium lavender flowers. Not all lavender are created equal and gourmanity dried lavender flowers are nothing less than superior quality in color, taste and smell. You’ll see the difference in everything you use them for. Non-GMO, non-irradiated, gluten-free & vegan, you can enjoy your lavender buds knowing they are an all-natural product.
  • CULINARY LAVENDER: This bulk bag of culinary lavender will take your cooking up by notches. Food-grade lavender is a delicious and sophisticated addition to your drinks, baked goods and salads. You can experiment with lavender lemonade for a refreshing summer drink or steep as lavender loose-leaf tea for a relaxing, soothing hot drink. Try adding edible lavender to your cakes, muffins and cookies to infuse them with a lovely floral color, flavor and taste.
  • SOAP MAKING AND OTHER DIY: Use these 100% pure dried flowers for soap making, apothecary supplies like scented candles, potpourri & aromatherapy sachets. Lavender buds are also perfect for party or wedding decor and occasions of all kinds. Try out making lavender bath salts or lavender bath bombs with these whole dried lavender buds. You could even sprinkle the lavender on your carpets for an elegant and welcoming home scent.
  • RELAX & REFRESH: Whichever way you choose to use your lavender, it will put you in a good mood. Experience its natural ability to calm your mind, skin and hair. Take that well deserved lavender tea break and rejuvenate with lavender lemonade. Allow your homemade soap to relax your body and let the soothing fragrance of fresh lavender send you off to dreamland.
  • GOURMANITY SELECT: Bringing authentic international taste into your kitchen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Fragrant buds

I like this tea which brews a potent cup of lavender tea. Could have been better filtered to remove the tiny twigs found throughout. Overall a good product that seems fresh and provides a good lavender fix for lovers of the tea.

Great product

I use this lavender for tea and also for lotion. It is great. I love it.

Monika Broeckx
Scent a bit too strong

I had used a similar product while in Germany and was looking forward to repeating the experience in the States. I was somewhat disappointed by the strong scent when biting into the Madeleines I had decorated with Lavender Flowers. Maybe this will weaken a bit with time?

Kim Pippin

First I would like to sayAwesome. When I opened the bag I could smell the fragrance but after I baked my Lavender cookies, the house smelled like lavender and the taste of the cookies, well , What Flavor. My neighbors cant get enough. Ill be purchasing moreSoon!!! Thank you for an awesome product!!! Kim

Mrs. MorganMrs. Morgan

This foodgrade lavender is excellent! It has a wonderful quality to it. It smells so nice and has a nice potent flavor to it. I have been able to use it for a variety of things too. I have made tea and bread with it. I have also used it to keep pests away in my shed!