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Gourmanity Spanish Albufera Rice

THE ORIGINAL SPANISH RICE: Enjoy an authentic cooking experience with the Gourmanity Albufera Rice. Our rice is made in Spain by a family-run business since 1962 with the same passion, care, and unparalleled quality as then. Enhance your Mediterranean dishes with the original Rey del Arroz, King of Rice!
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  • GENUINE SPANISH RICE: Enjoy an authentic cooking experience with Gourmanity’s Albufera rice. Grown in limited quantities in the Albufera Nature Reserve of Valencia, Spain, Gourmanity’s Albufera rice will enhance your Mediterranean dishes with its extraordinary texture.
  • A TASTE OF SPAIN’S FAVORITE RECIPES: Nothing comes close to authentic paella made with genuine Spanish paella rice, cultivated in Valencia, the renowned ‘cradle of paella’. Our round and pearly short-grain rice is the perfect choice for paellas, arroz a banda, arroz negre, arroz con pollo, soups, seafood dishes or any Mediterranean recipe.
  • ALBUFERA- YOUNG & UNIQUE: Though the youngest variety of rice, Albufera is quickly gaining ground in kitchens across the globe because of its unique character. Albufera rice offers an extraordinary texture and creaminess while maintaining its firm exterior. It has properties of both the Bomba rice and the Bahia-Senia varieties, as it absorbs moisture but maintains an excellent consistency.
  • WONDERFUL COOKING CONSISTENCY: An ideal choice for paella rice, albufera can absorb generous amounts of liquid, taking on the incredible flavor and aroma of your broth. Another unique property of our rice is that once the cooking process is finished, our rice remains tasty and does not become sticky. This allows you to create gourmet plates packed with flavor that look and taste divine.
  • PERFECTLY HEALTHY: Our rice is not a genetically engineered product or food. The Albufera variety is an outcome of a natural selection of the Bomba, Sénia and Bahía varieties. Carefully cultivated under Protected Designation of Origin, in the natural reserve of L’Albufera de València, Spain, our rice is soy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. Take your friends and family on a culinary trip to sunny Valencia, Spain with our naturally delicious and healthy Albufera rice.

Customer Reviews

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Mnica Leal

Really good item

Vickie Reinhardt
Lovely flavor great for paella


Great product

Great product

US Veteran
Looking forward to a great paella

Havent tried it yet but have heard from friends this is a great rice for paella. I received my order promptly and will use it this weekend. Ive no doubt it will turn out great.

Jose R
Good quality Rice for paella

This rice is perfect for cooking paella if you have previous experience. Cooking time of 15 to 17 min. If you don't have previous experience better look for a Bomba rice. Albufera rice absorbs better the broth than Bomba rice, so you can get to tastier paellas.