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Gourmanity Wholegrain Mustard Stone Jar 1lb

  • GOURMANITY WHOLEGRAIN MUSTARD: Perfectly combined flavors and textures to give you a rich, deep flavorful experience.
  • A GOURMET'S DREAM: The finest mustard you can buy, a must-have for any mustard fan.
  • WORLD CLASS INGREDIENT: add some of this special condiment to salads, dressings, eggs, burgers, and hot dogs, as a secret touch that will give your dish a striking flavor.
  • PRODUCED BY PROFESSIONALS: A product of Meux, France. Made using a secret recipe passed down through family tradition since 1760. Comes in a traditional stone jar to preserve the family custom.
  • GOURMANITY SEAL: Committed to sharing authentic, tradition-rich ingredients that are a pride to their heritage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
I would give this TEN stars if I could

This review is LONG overdue. I have been thinking about writing it for months (literally), but better late than never.First things first, it did arrive slightly wet and smelling of mustard. The paper wrapped around it was wet and I threw it out. I contacted the seller and they said: As long as the cork is securely in, it is safe to eat it. The reason for the leak is that it gets shaken around so much during shipping, and the seal is a cork it tends to leak sometimes.My husband and I were quite relieved because even the smell from the leaked liquid was absolutely amazing and we wanted to eat it right away.Opening this up was not difficult. You put something flat like a butter knife between the cork and jar and then do that slowly and carefully all the way around and it will start to loosen. Be patient, it really doesn't take long, but I know, when you want some tasty mustard, even a few seconds feels like eternity, but it is soooooo worth it.After opening it, I tasted a large dollop. At first, I was like...OK, it tastes as good as the best grain mustard I have ever had (which is saying something)...THEN...there was a kick of extra flavor at the end that put it way past any other mustard I have had. I literally was like...Oh My!!This is seriously the best grain mustard I have ever had, by a decent bit and I have tried some truly tasty brands. I am running low at the moment and am devastated that this is sold out. I am hoping this is the same that they sell in their glass jar because I will definitely NEED some more soon.We had burgers last night and put this on it with our other toppings and some ketchup. The flavor cut through all of that, even the hot pickle chips, to give the burger the most amazing tangy tastiness. It added so much flavor and deliciousness.I could just eat a dollop by itself...yes, it is THAT good. Seriously, if you love mustard, get yourself some of this stuff. I highly recommend it.

Dan V
Great stuff!

This is great mustard for a great price. Add it to sauces and recipes for a secret ingredient. Yes the top leaks a little in shipment but in both bottles I have received it didnt affect the quality of the product.


It was damaged I had to throw it away

So disappointed

It arrived in a soup of leaking mustard, the label peeling and soaked off. I wanted this to be a gift and very disappointed :(

Flavor to die for.

Very favorable, very French, good taste, nice jar.